Dr. Tony Beckett speaking

Thank you for being a praying friend. I want to update you on how my ministry with CBMC is progressing.

On Sept 1, I became official. Not much changed that day! While that was my official start date, I really started engaging in the CBMC ministry toward the end of July.

In August, I had reduced my hours at Appalachian Harley-Davidson. Then in mid-September, they were reduced more allowing for additional involvement with my new responsibilities. On Friday, the 22nd, I concluded my time as a member of the sales staff.

Now my full-time ministry is helping men not only come to know Christ as Savior, but develop into the individuals God designed them to be.

“Learning curve” is a phrase I often use when asked about my transition from sales to CBMC. It does feel like it is flattening a bit but there is still a distance to go. Currently, I am working through the Operation Timothy material with a co-worker while learning the various aspects of my responsibilities. There is much to process and implement, but as Joan says, I always enjoy learning. 

CBMC Central PA Dillsburg Team

This month, I started visiting all the teams in Central PA. There are currently 22 of them. It is very interesting to see how they are functioning and meet the men who are focused on being ambassadors for Christ in the marketplace. In addition, we launched a new team in Dillsburg. I am very involved in that start up. Dave Balinski shared the ministry of CBMC with the men who gathered for that first meeting. 

CBMC sponsored prayer breakfast at the Carlisle Barracks

On September 11th, I attended the CBMC sponsored prayer breakfast at the Carlisle Barracks.

The speaker was Dr. James Puchy, Chaplain (Colonel) U.S. Army, Retired. He was at the Pentagon the day the plane struck. His message was excellent and the gospel was presented clearly. He gave to all attending a challenge coin commemorating 9/11/01. That is a very special memento to receive and keep.


York Breakfast with Ron HostetlerFormer Penn State linebacker and team captain, Ron Hostetler

One other blessing was the CBMC sponsored prayer breakfast in York, PA. The speaker was former Penn State linebacker and team captain, Ron Hostetler. It was my privilege to conclude the breakfast. I shared the gospel with the group as well as closed in prayer, praying especially for Mayor Kim Bracey, who attended again this year.

Joan continues to work full-time as a care giver. Her client turns 89 next week. Joan is her mode of transportation. Since she “chauffeurs” her client, we refer to it as “driving Miss Daisy.” If you know the movie, you understand our nickname for what Joan does.  Katie has her hands full taking care of Gracie, our golden retriever puppy, who is now 40 pounds of cuteness.

Joan and I greatly value your prayers. Here are specific requests:

  1. My learning curve – It will be a few more months before this drops off as my top personal prayer request. In October, Joan and I will attend a CBMC meeting that will broaden our understanding of the ministry. In January, I will be in Chattanooga for my “on-boarding.” And in February, we will attend a staff conference. Additionally, I have bi-weekly meetings with the regional director and the field associate for Central PA.
  2. Our funding – My continuation in this ministry is dependent upon God’s faithfulness in assisting us in gathering a support team of ministry partners who will pray and give. Funds were available for me to use during this start up period. Joan and I have peace about taking this step of faith. Please pray as we seek God’s blessing in providing for our ministry.
  3. Safety as I travel – I have three offices now. One will be in our basement once we move my desk there. Another is “the wheat palace,” which is my name for Panera. After 9 years of not being in Panera due to my Celiac, which means I can’t eat wheat, I now am there multiple times every week to meet with people. The third is my car. As an Area Director whose territory is central PA from the Maryland on the south to New York on the north, my ministry has a lot of “windshield time.”
  4. Open doors – Please pray for two specific open doors. One is for interactions with men who need to hear the gospel. The other is for discipleship opportunities with men who know Christ and want to be “Marketplace Ambassadors.” 2 Corinthians 5:20 is our key verse. It begins with the words, “Therefore, we are ambassadors of Christ, God making His appeal through us.”

Thank you for being a friend who prays.






The Becketts